Indian curtains

embroidered indian curtains

Here we have a huge selection of attractive and decorative curtains in many colors and variations. Our curtains are all traditionally handmade in india. Warm colors and exotic ornamented curtains will transform every room. We offer curtains with a standard length of 250cm up to over-length of 330cm. The handprinted cotton curtains are traditionally stamped with the old block-print technique which also once as been part of our culture. But in india it is still alive and used for arts & crafts today! Our fine brocade curtains are from Varanasi and are made of colored Sareefabrics. If you want to sew your own curtain, why not take a look in our cut-goods section.

*All prices include VAT and service (charge) and exclusive of shipping costs. Offer good while supplies last. Errors and omissions excepted.