quilts, bedcovers / quilt

Out of many little pieces these big & beautiful quilt blanket arise!
Quilt-technique means that many different fabric pieces are sewed together to make one whole piece. This way of textile-manufacturing has a long tradition in india. Here we offer quilt-covers, batik quilt covers, brocade quilt covers or day blankets hand-printed on both sides and made of fine cotton wool. All items are exclusively made for us in Jaipur / India and mainly dyed with natural plant colors. These beautiful results of handmade textile-art are not just cuddly and soft, keep warm and look beautiful, they are also extremely easy to clean. Simply wash them in the washing machine up to 40C.
A little bit more care need our brocade quilt covers, as brocade is a very sensitive material which cannot be washed in the machine. Therefore brocade can only be hand-washed.
Click through the huge variety of our blankets, bedspreads, shawls and find your personal feel-good blanket. Each on of our day and bed covers is an individual unicum!
Create a wonderful indian atmosphere in your living or bedroom and combine these noble fabrics with indian wood chests, small furniture, commodes or cabinets. Or choose out of our big selection of cushions, curtains and wall pictures which simply invite to dream away. For the right smell you can choose out of many different candles and joss sticks.

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